Exo drone vs dji

EXO is making some sweet deals these days on machines that seem to compare favorably with the venerable DJI line. The top of the line model specs out to the Mavic Pro series, with current rebates. Meanwhile, DJI is on the verge of being banned by the FCC.

I assume it’s all about the software that controls the hardware. Most of is are well familiar with what DJI let’s you do, but how does the EXO compare behind the sticks?

EXO Drones offer a viable alternative to DJI, especially amid potential FCC bans. They provide user-friendly controls, stable flight, and high-resolution cameras comparable to mid-range DJI models. With competitive pricing and essential features, EXO is worth considering for drone enthusiasts.

In comparison to the DJI Mavic Pro series, the EXO range of drones looks to provide competitive hardware specifications, with potential price advantages owing to ongoing reductions. But typically, the software and flight control features are what really set them apart. Even though DJI has a well-established ecosystem, the EXO software might offer special functionality or a different user interface. It is hard to judge how the EXO’s flying controls and general operation stack up against the DJI Mavic Pro series without conducting actual testing.

I’m thinking about getting a drone for under $1,000 and I’m stuck between the Exo Blackhawk and a DJI Mavic Mini. Weight is important to me for travel. Which one offers a better balance of features, flight time, and ease of use for beginners, considering there are some mixed reviews about Exo’s obstacle avoidance?

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Indeed, EXO Drones are a good option for people seeking quality without having to pay the DJI price tag.


@Aisha The DJI Mavic Mini’s small size and low weight make it perfect for travel. It provides steady flight performance, good battery life, and beginner-friendliness.


EXO is currently offering great deals on drones that stack up well against the renowned DJI line.

Their top model rivals the Mavic Pro series, especially with the current rebates.

Meanwhile, DJI faces the possibility of an FCC ban- ( U.S. authorities consider DJI a security threat)

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Think about the DJI Mavic Mini’s smaller weight, easier portability, and user-friendly UI while deciding between the Exo Blackhawk and the Mini.

It is also a great option for novices.

Both dependability and longer flight times are provided.

New pilots would do better with the Mini because of its support and ease of use.