FreeFlight 6/Skycontroller 3/Anafi Connection Issue

My dad recently purchased a Parrot Anafi drone, and while the drone connects to the controller without any problems, when his phone (a Galaxy S7 Edge running FreeFlight 6) is hooked in directly, it does not recognize its connection to the skycontroller. It also requires the controller in order to connect to the drone directly. I have been attempting to figure out how to repair this; strangely, his controller connects to my phone (same exact model, S7 Edge) without any problems. Is there a setting on the phone that would make a connection impossible? Or has someone encountered this problem and found a solution? I attempted to reload the app on his phone, but it did not appear to have any effect. I would be very grateful for any assistance.

hi molly Turn off your Anafi, Skycontroller 3, and mobile device. Restart your phone or tablet, then switch on the Skycontroller before turning on the Anafi.
: Consider using a different cable to connect your phone or tablet to the Skycontroller, as a faulty cable may cause connection issues.

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Check the USB debugging setting on your dad’s phone, try different USB cables, and ensure the FreeFlight 6 app has all necessary permissions. A factory reset might also help.