Getting into Drones 2024

Today I was thinking of getting into drone flying. Not sure if it’s going to be for filming or for FPV. So I started to look into some drones and what I would need to look out for. Now I have questions…

  1. Are there any alternatives for DJI drones?
  2. Do I have to decide between FPV and Filming or is there any in between option?
  3. I saw the DJI mini X drones and they seem to be very beginner friendly. Is that true and are there any alternative companies?

Any feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

If you’re getting into drone flying, there are good DJI alternatives like FIMI X8 Mini, Autel EVO 2 Pro, Parrot ANAFi, Holy Stone HS720E, and Potensic Atom SE. You can find drones that are good for both FPV (First Person View) and filming, such as DJI FPV, BetaFPV Cinewhoop, and iFlight Nazgul5 HD. For beginners, the DJI Mini series is easy to use and other brands like Autel, Parrot, and Holy Stone also offer beginner-friendly drones.