Has anyone seen a VA-2080 drone?

My son’s VA-2080 micro drone from Walmart flew straight up and didn’t come back down. We’ve been looking for it but can’t find it. If anyone can help, please let me know. We’re new to drones, which is why we got the $20 one from Walmart. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


These little drones can be tricky, especially for beginners.

@Barbara How high did it fly? Did it fly over any fences or out of sight? Focusing the search near the last known location might be helpful.

Since these little drones are actually lightweight and usually difficult to find, I advise researching alternative drones or purchasing a different one.


I understand the concern – small drones can be easy to lose. If Barbara mentions a last known location, focusing the search there is a good call. @Barbara, any info on where it went missing?

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Losing visual line of sight, overshooting, or misjudging wind conditions can all lead to drone loss.


To make them easier to locate if lost, go for the DJI Mavic Mini series micro-drones instead of the VA-2080 model, which has an integrated GPS and can be tracked using the DJI Fly app.

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At this point, finding it is probably going to be nearly impossible. It may have a beeper function; but, I highly doubt it. Check the handbook. The best course of action at that point would be to just start your hunt by following the direction of the wind. Even very slight wind speeds would make the tiny drones drift a lot, especially if the wind picked up a lot of height. Just my two cents: learning to fly a cheaper drone will be significantly more difficult. It might be wiser for you to start saving for one of the mini-series drones and give it some time. Any drone down below?

Hi Barbara… i feel your pain coz i have been there before. Losing a drone can be really frustrating, especially when it’s a new hobby for you and your son. You can try out these steps that might help you locate the missing VA-2080 micro drone:

Immediate Steps to Locate the Drone

  1. Retrace the Flight Path: Try to remember the exact direction the drone flew and retrace its path. Start from the launch point and move in the direction it flew until it went out of sight.

  2. Check Nearby Trees and Roofs: Since the drone flew straight up, it might have landed on a tree, roof, or other elevated surfaces nearby. Use binoculars if you have them to check high places.

  3. Listen for Sounds: If the drone is still powered on, listen for any beeping or motor sounds. Sometimes, the noise can help you pinpoint its location.

  4. Look at Night: If the drone has any lights, try looking for it after dark. The lights might be easier to spot in low-light conditions.

Using Technology

  1. Drone App or Controller: Check if the drone’s controller or app (if applicable) has a “Find My Drone” feature. Some drones have a built-in GPS that can help locate them.

  2. Bluetooth Tracker: For future reference, you can attach a small Bluetooth tracker to the drone. This won’t help now, but it can be very useful if it happens again.

Community Help

  1. Neighborhood Search: Inform your neighbors about the missing drone. They might have seen it land or can keep an eye out for it.

  2. Social Media and Community Boards: Post on local community boards or social media groups (like Facebook or Nextdoor). Someone in your area might have found it.

Preventing Future Loss

  1. Flying in Open Areas: Always fly the drone in wide-open areas away from trees, buildings, and other obstructions. Parks and open fields are great places to practice.

  2. Setting Altitude Limits: If the drone has settings for altitude limits, make sure to set a reasonable maximum height to avoid it flying out of reach.

  3. Visual Line of Sight: Always keep the drone within your visual line of sight. If it starts to fly away, lower the altitude immediately and bring it back.

Considerations for Next Steps

  • Upgrade to a GPS-Enabled Drone: For better tracking and easier retrieval, consider investing in a drone with GPS capabilities when you’re ready to upgrade. Even some affordable models come with basic GPS tracking.

  • Practice Safety and Control: As you and your son get more experienced, you’ll become better at controlling the drone and preventing such incidents.

I hope these tips help you find your drone. Good luck with your search, and happy flying!