Has anyone taken a drone on a cruise ship?

Do any of you have any experience bringing a drone on a cruise? I am going on a Carnival cruise in July. Naturally, I have no intention of flying it on the boat, but we have two days of trips outside the nation, and I believe I could capture some interesting pictures. The top security advisor must hold onto the drone and make sure it is checked in and out, according to a rule stated in the Carnival regulations. Is that a dubious action to take? It is all extremely new to me because I have never taken a cruise or been outside of the nation.

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According to my experience on Carnival cruises, transporting a drone is possible, but it needs careful planning. You must follow Carnival’s standards, which include having the drone checked in and out by the ship’s senior security advisor. To avoid complications, review and adhere to their rules. It’s a fantastic idea to take some great images while on your trips, but keep in mind the local drone rules in the countries you visit.

I brought my drone on a cruise with Royal Caribbean a couple of years ago, and it was a mixed experience. Like Carnival, they had strict regulations requiring guests to check in their drones with security upon embarkation and collect them for use at ports of call. It felt a bit nerve-wracking at first because I was unsure about how secure my drone would be. However, the process was straightforward, and security handled it professionally

The main challenge was ensuring I followed local regulations at each port regarding drone usage, as laws can vary widely. Overall, while it added an extra layer of planning, bringing my drone allowed me to capture some incredible aerial shots during shore excursions, making it worth the effort.