How can I connect my Sharper Image Mach X drone to my phone’s camera app?

Hey folks, I’m stumped with my new Sharper Image Mach X drone. It just won’t sync up with my phone for the camera to work. Tried all I could think of – any of you techies got a clue on how to hook it up?


I ran into the same issue before. Turns out, there’s a bunch of apps in the play store. I discovered the trick is to head over to and grab the app directly from there. Works like a charm!


You guys managed to get this working? I’ve noticed the original app (360 Flight) seems out of date. There are two newer ones, 360 Mach Flight and 360-m-flight, but they’re not syncing with the Mach X’s wifi. Feels like the support for this drone isn’t keeping up.


Anyways, which is the best app to use!


Having the same problem, anyone who knows what the solution can be?

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Just snagged myself a Mach X drone and can’t get the camera to link up. Google’s no help at all. I’m using a Samsung S22 for this. How about you? What’s your setup?