How can I find a drone with a camera suitable for kids?

My wife got our son a small remote control helicopter from the toy store. He loved it and flew it around the house. But when he tried it outside, he accidentally crashed it into my car and broke it because it was too delicate. He’s really upset about it. He didn’t want a different type of flying toy, but I convinced him that a quadcopter would be better for learning. I suggested one that costs less than $80 and is good for kids who are still learning.

We need a flying toy that:

  • Can stay in the air by itself
  • Can handle a bit of wind
  • Has a camera
  • Doesn’t need a phone to use the camera
  • Can fly for about 15 minutes on one charge
  • Has protection for the blades and can survive bumps
  • Has easy-to-use controls like a game controller

We don’t need it to show a live video on a phone. It’s okay if it just records to a memory card. I don’t want a toy that needs a phone app because my son might accidentally damage my phone. But if it can work with an app without needing it, that’s fine too. It would be even better if it could work with our old iPhones.

Read reviews from other parents and look for recommendations from trusted sources to help you make an informed decision. Pay attention to feedback on factors like ease of use, durability, and overall performance.