How far will a drone go?

I recently bought two cheap drones to experiment with. One claimed it could go 5 km without issues, but it barely reached 100 m before my phone started lagging. I know DJI drones are significantly better, but I’m curious about how far some of you have flown with your DJI 3 or 4 models. I’m considering buying one and would like to know if they can actually reach 5 or 6 km.

Im not sure about the other versions of DJI. But the Mini Pro 3 can fly up to 12km supposably, I haven’t tested it, but its one of its core marketing point

I don’t think painting the drone will help. It’s a very small dot you’re trying to see. I can see my Air 2 S drone from about 900 feet during the day and 3600 feet at night.

A drone’s travel distance, or range, varies based on its type, battery capacity, and operational rules.