How High Can A Drone Fly?

Hello everyone, I’m curious about drone capabilities and was wondering: how high can a typical drone safely fly? I’m thinking of getting one for capturing landscapes, but I want to make sure it can handle different altitudes without issues. Any insights or recommendations on altitude limits for reliable drone operation?


I’ve used drones for landscape photography myself, and I can tell you that most consumer drones can safely fly up to around 400 feet (about 120 meters). This is actually a common limit set by aviation authorities to ensure safety. So, if you’re thinking of capturing stunning landscapes, a typical drone will handle different altitudes just fine within this range.


I personally feel safe at 100-110 feet or higher.

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About 100 feet to drive about for vistas. The majority of FPV pilots begin with freestyle feats, which revolve around flying as close to objects as possible—typically less than 30 feet.

Usually between one to ten feet, but sometimes much farther if I’m attempting power loops or diving trees, etc.