How much does real estate photography with a drone usually cost?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been doing roof inspections for about a year now, and I recently got asked by a real estate agent to take photos and videos of houses and properties. I’m not sure how much to charge for this new service. Should I charge per photo or video, or just a flat rate per property? I handle everything myself - driving, shooting, and editing. Up until now, I’ve been charging $80 per roof inspection, but I feel like I should charge more for the added work of taking photos for selling homes. Any advice from those of you who do this professionally would be really helpful. Thanks!

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The cost of real estate photography with a drone typically varies based on several factors, including location, the complexity of the shoot, the photographer’s experience, and the specific services required.

I usually charge $80 for roof inspections, which includes travel, photos, and a report. For real estate photos, I’d likely handle driving, shooting, and basic editing.