I want to learn to fly a drone

Where do I start and what is an Affordable drone cost for a beginner . ( yes I know there are tons of video and YouTube and info everywhere, recommendations are great though)

Start with a mini or toy drone for around $50-$150. Look for beginner-friendly features like altitude hold and headless mode. Check local regulations before flying. Popular options include the Holy Stone HS110D, DJI Tello, and Syma X5C.

When I got into drones, I wanted something that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg but still did the job well. Based on my experience, I’d suggest checking out brands like DJI or Parrot for beginner-friendly options.

For a decent starter drone, you’re looking at around $100 to $300. The DJI Spark is a popular choice – it’s easy to fly and has a good camera for the price.

Just remember, prices can vary, so keep an eye out for deals. And don’t forget to factor in any extra stuff you might need, like spare batteries.

Flying a drone can be a lot of fun, and it opens up a new perspective for photos and videos. Here’s a good way to get started:

1. Find a good practice space: Look for a large, open area free of trees, buildings, or power lines. A park or empty field would be ideal.

2. Start with the basics: Most drones use two joysticks on the controller. The left stick typically controls altitude (up/down) and rotation (left/right spin), while the right stick controls direction (forward/backward, left/right). Many drones also have a trim function to adjust for slight imbalances.

3. Practice taking off and landing: These are the most critical maneuvers for beginners. Get comfortable hovering the drone at a low altitude (a couple of feet) before trying to fly any distance.

4. Take it slow and be gentle: Drones can be sensitive, so don’t make jerky motions with the controls. Focus on smooth, small movements.