I'm considering getting a $290~ drone off of Temu

It is the “GPS Drone Pixel Brushless Drone Three Axis Anti Shake Pan Platform Aerial Photography Drone 5.7KM Flight FPV Low Battery Automatic Return Signal Interruption Automatic Return Adult Drone”

Is it a scam or should I go through with it, or are there better options at that price range?

It’s crucial to research and read reviews before purchasing drones with long, generic names, as they may not meet expectations.

Brands like DJI and Parrot offer reliable options with proven track records for quality and performance in various price ranges.

It’s often safer to opt for well-known brands.

It’s difficult to determine the drone’s quality without brand or price information. Consider comparing it with reputable brands such as DJI or Autel, which offer similar features.

Before buying a $290 drone on Temu, check its reviews and specifications.