I'm seeking suggestions for a drone without any geofencing restrictions

Sup Droners,

I’m in the market for a new drone and could really use some advice. I’m specifically looking for one that doesn’t have any geofencing restrictions. I’ve had issues in the past where drones automatically limit where I can fly due to geofencing, which can be frustrating especially in remote areas or when I need to fly near restricted zones legally.

I’m primarily interested in drones that offer good camera quality and decent flight time. Portability is also a plus since I often travel with my drone. Budget-wise, I’m flexible but prefer something that offers good value for money rather than paying a premium for unnecessary features.

Any recommendations or experiences with drones that fit these criteria would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help.

When looking for a drone without geofencing restrictions, one popular option is the DJI Mini 2. It offers excellent camera quality with 4K video capability and 12MP photos, all while being very portable and lightweight. The Mini 2 does not have geofencing built-in, providing you more flexibility in where you can fly, especially in remote areas or near restricted zones where you have legal permission. It also boasts a decent flight time of up to 31 minutes per battery charge, which is quite good for its size. Another option could be the Autel Robotics EVO Lite+, known for its robust camera capabilities and a longer flight time of around 40 minutes, although it’s slightly larger and less portable compared to the Mini 2. Both drones offer good value for money, focusing on essential features like camera quality and flight time without unnecessary premium add-ons, making them suitable choices for your needs.

I had a similar frustration with geofencing limitations on drones and wanted one with more freedom to fly where I needed. After some research, I settled on the DJI Mini 2. It’s lightweight, portable, and offers excellent camera quality with 4K video capabilities. Importantly, DJI provides the option to fly in unrestricted areas through their Fly Safe database, which allows you to unlock geofenced zones after verifying your identity and adhering to local regulations. The Mini 2 also boasts a solid flight time of around 30 minutes per battery, which is great for capturing footage without constant recharges. It’s a versatile choice that balances performance, portability, and affordability without sacrificing essential features.