Is it legal for me to buy predator drones?

Some folks talk about getting guns just in case the government gets too controlling. But wouldn’t it make more sense to use predator drones if things got that bad? Is it okay for me to buy predator drones and anti-aircraft gear in case there’s a revolution?

In many countries, including the USA, it’s against the law to purchase or possess powerful weapons. For example, you can buy a Predator drone without weapons, but you’re not allowed to equip it with arms.
Similarly, it’s prohibited to buy anti-aircraft weapons. These restrictions are in place to ensure public safety and prevent potential harm or misuse of such weaponry.

Purchasing military-grade Predator drones is illegal for civilians because they are classified as military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and are used by armed forces for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions.
In addition, they are equipped with advanced technology and, in some cases, weapon systems, which are not available for public sale due to national security and regulatory reasons.

However, some government agencies can give licenses for the restricted use of such drones mainly in the film industry.