Is Stealth Bird 4K Worth the hype?

Lately, there’s been a buzz surrounding this drone. I took a peek at the website, and it seems a bit unpolished to my eyes. Rumor has it that it’s crafted by engineers formerly with DJI, allegedly dismissed for revealing cost-cutting measures while increasing prices. Has anyone else heard similar stories or had firsthand encounters with this product?

Seems fishy - an unpolished site for an ex-DJI engineer product? Could be a marketing ploy.

There are no reviews or user experiences yet.

Do more research, compare specs to brands like DJI, and wait for legitimate information to emerge before buying into the hyped one.

Innovative products tend to gain popularity over time.

I’ve heard some buzz about the new Stealth Bird 4K drone lately. On the one hand, the video quality does look impressive for the price point. However, there seem to be some lingering questions about the company and its business practices.

Some of the early adopters have reported glitches with camera stabilization and connectivity issues. Nothing deal-breaking, but more bugs than expected for a new release. The customer service response has also been mixed - some got speedy replacements, others faced delays.

For now, I’d say proceed with cautious optimism. The Stealth Bird shows potential, but it may be better to wait a few software updates before committing to the cutting edge. Your experience could go either way. What do you think - are you willing to beta test, or play it safer?

To be honest at $80? I think Stealth Bird 4K Drone is a steal.
I like it because its lightweight and foldable kind of like it is designed to help you explore several terrains. You are also assured breathtaking aerial views, skies and you can even film restricted areas since it is silent and moves without raising anyone’s curiosity.
What I love more about the Stealth 4K is its HD 1080p Camera. You will witness and shoot amazing scenes. I would suggest going to a mountainous region and try and capture amazing scenes like waterfalls as there you can utilize its 3D Flip function well. the 3D Flip function allows the drone to flip and roll when filming.
In addition, I find that a 500mAh battery is useful for this insane machine as it ensures extended flight time as you can shoot this film in an area that doesnt have immediate access to recharging points. Also, you can go live while filming since the Stealth Bird 4k has Wi-Fi capabilities.

The advertisement that led me here states that it has a follow-me mode, however, that is untrue. When you visit the purchasing page, there isn’t much information on what it can do. After looking around, I found this page.
I’d say it’s totally not worth the hype

It’s critical to confirm rumors before making assumptions. For a well-informed assessment of the drone’s quality and the said conditions, conduct more research, compile a variety of viewpoints, and evaluate the drone’s functionality, construction, and user experiences.

Can you easily return the drone if you’re not satisfied?

A generous return policy can add some peace of mind.

The 500mAh battery and Wi-Fi live streaming are great features, but it might be worth checking online reviews to see what users report about flight time in real-world conditions.