Looking for replacement blades for skyviper spider done

Hello and need assistance. My kid received a used spider drone for Christmas from me. We only have one damaged blade and no spares. I tried purchasing several on eBay, but the pitch and size are incorrect. Does anyone know what kind of blades we should use in their place? I would be very grateful for any assistance. Thank you.

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Find the appropriate replacement blades for your spider drone by identifying its exact model. For precise specs, see the manufacturer’s website or get in touch with customer service. As an alternative, check out hobby stores or drone-focused websites. Hobbyists may be able to propose products or replacement components that are compatible with your drone.

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Try consulting the store/Website where the drone was initially bought.

Hello! I can definitely help with that. I recently faced a similar issue with my kid’s spider drone, and after trying a few options, I found that the “HQProp Durable Propeller” blades worked perfectly. These blades are known for their durability and compatibility with various drone models. Specifically, the 5x4.3x3 model worked well for our drone, offering the right pitch and size, which might just be what you need for your situation too.

When searching for replacements, I also encountered mismatched sizes and pitches on platforms like eBay, which was quite frustrating. After some research, I came across the HQProp Durable Propellers and decided to give them a try. They turned out to be a great fit, providing stable flight performance and resilience to minor crashes, which is ideal for kids’ usage. I highly recommend giving these blades a try for your spider drone. You can typically find them on Amazon or specialty drone stores, and they often come in packs, ensuring you have spares on hand for future needs.