Looking for the top drone priced below $500?

As a professional photographer, I’ve missed out on some jobs because I don’t own a drone. Would the DJI Mini 3 be suitable for real estate and architectural work? Are there any other drones I should consider?

If you want to professionally film real estate and architectural works then you should consider raising your budget.

Otherwise, I would recommend the Ruko F11 Pro which costs between $299-450 depending on various factors. A DJI drone is far more expensive, so, I would rule it out

  • It comes with two batteries, good thing is that its fly time is approximately 60 minutes.
  • It cannot go 30 meters away from you.
  • It has 5G Wi-Fi and GPS tracking

One of the cons of this drone is maintaining its altitude, which, of course, you would expect since it is cheap. Its also a beginner drone, so I’m not sure it would amaze you or you would want to use it for too long

You could actually go for the DJI Mini 2 SE Fly More Combo at that price (although the video quality is 2.7K).

The Mini 3 is a good choice, and I’m quite fond of my Air2s as well. Remember that in the US, you’re required to have a part 107 license for drone operation, which also costs about $100.