Manual for a cheap toy protocol enforcer ap drone?

Hi everyone,

Last Christmas, I received a toy drone called the “Protocol Enforcer AP.” I was excited to try it out, but things got busy, and it ended up getting tucked away. Now, with some free time on my hands, I finally want to give it a shot!

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the manual anywhere, and online searches have not been much help. The only results I get are for a different drone model, the “Enforcer Video Drone AP.”

As a complete drone newbie, I am feeling a bit lost. Any advice on how to fly this thing? Perhaps someone has experience with the Protocol Enforcer AP or a similar toy drone and can offer some guidance?

Thanks in advance!


No worries! Most toy drones share basic controls.

Here’s a general guide to get you started with your Protocol Enforcer A:

  • Charge the battery: Find the charging cable and follow any instructions included.
  • Sync the drone and remote: Usually, turn both on and follow a button sequence (check the drone’s box/packaging). Indicator lights should confirm syncing.
  • Basic controls: The left stick controls altitude (up/down) and rotation (left/right), while the right stick controls direction (forward/backward, side-to-side).
  • Practice in a safe area: Begin indoors or in a large open space with no people or obstacles nearby.

Toy drone manuals are basic. Search online for “[Protocol Enforcer AP remote control]” for the layout. If stuck, check YouTube for helpful videos.

Enjoy flying!


Most toy drones work in the same way. Turn on the drone (lights should flicker). Turn on the controller. Move the throttle stick from zero to maximum, then back to zero (typically the left stick). The controller will most likely beep, and the drone’s lights should turn solid to signify that it is connected.