Need reviews on Drone to view crawl space

I’m considering investing in a drone for conducting routine inspections in my crawl space, and potentially my attic as well. Dealing with plumbing issues has prompted this idea, as I’d prefer to conduct inspections regularly without the need to hire a plumber for each check.

My attempt at using a GoPro connected to an RC truck proved challenging due to the rough terrain, resulting in frequent setbacks. Additionally, I have no desire to venture into these confined spaces myself.

I’m seeking recommendations for a cost-effective drone capable of fulfilling this inspection task. While browsing on Amazon, I’ve come across several options in the $150-$300 price range, but I’m uncertain if they possess the necessary capabilities for this purpose. If anyone has firsthand experience or suggestions, I’d greatly appreciate hearing about it.

Crawlspace Drone Reviews: A Pilot’s Perspective (without actually being a pilot!)

I delved into the world of drone reviews to see if they’re a good fit for crawlspace exploration. Here’s the lowdown:

Can Drones Conquer Crawlspaces?

There are some drones out there that could work for peeking into your crawlspace, but it’s not a perfect solution. Here’s why:

Size Matters: Crawlspaces are notoriously tight. Most “standard” consumer drones might be too big to navigate the cramped quarters and low clearance. You’d need a mini drone specifically designed for tight spaces.

Light Show, Maybe Not: Crawlspaces are often dark and poorly lit. While some drones have decent low-light cameras, they might not provide the crystal-clear view you need to see everything in detail. Additional lighting solutions might be needed.

Signal Strength: Crawlspace materials like metal ductwork can interfere with a drone’s Wi-Fi signal, potentially causing connection issues and control problems.

Reviews: A Mixed Bag

Online reviews for using drones in crawlspaces are a mixed bag. Some users report success, particularly with very small, nimble drones. However, others mention frustration with getting the drone stuck, signal loss, and difficulty capturing clear images due to low light.

Alternatives to Consider:

Here are some other ways to inspect your crawlspace that might be more practical:

Grab a trusty flashlight: The old-fashioned way can be surprisingly effective! Just make sure you have a powerful flashlight and be prepared to crawl around a bit.
Hire a professional inspector: This is the safest and most thorough option. Trained inspectors have the knowledge and equipment to properly assess your crawlspace for moisture, pests, and other potential problems.

Consider a wired borescope camera: These snake-like cameras can be fed into tight spaces and provide a live video feed to a screen. This can be a good option for targeted inspection of specific areas.

The Final Word:

While drones seem like a futuristic solution for crawlspace exploration, they might not be the most practical choice. Consider the size limitations, lighting challenges, and potential signal issues. Depending on your needs, a good flashlight, a professional inspection, or a wired borescope camera might be better options for getting a good look at what’s lurking beneath your home.

Drones equipped with stabilizing functions, high-resolution cameras, and obstacle avoidance are a good option for checking attics and crawl spaces. Within your budget, look for products such as the Autel Robotics EVO Lite+ or the DJI Mavic Mini. To make sure something is suitable for inside inspections and durable in small places, look up user reviews and specs.