Neighbor using drone to spy! What can be done to take down the drone?

Ok people so I keep hearing a drone buzzing around my house and area around my house. I usually hear it around 2-4am but i could never catch it. Finally, today at 4am, i a saw it hovering across my house about 100 yard away at about 150-200 ft high, just sitting there with its blinking lights on. I swear its up there apying on people. Its not just fun flying. What can be done to take that damn thing down??? TIA

If you feel the drone is invading your privacy, document it.

Take note of the times you see it, take pictures or videos if possible, and document any specific actions that make you feel spied on

If you suspect your neighbor is spying with a drone, follow these steps:

  1. Document: Keep track of when and where you see the drone.
  2. Talk: Approach your neighbor calmly to discuss your concerns.
  3. Check Laws: Know local drone regulations and privacy laws.
  4. Contact Authorities: If needed, contact local law enforcement.
  5. Protect Privacy: Use privacy screens or close blinds.
  6. Consider Legal Advice: Seek legal help if privacy is violated.

Those are excellent steps to take if you feel a neighbor might be using a drone for unwanted surveillance.