Oceangate controller

It’s hard not to think about the fact that many multimillion-dollar military drones have used game controllers at some point.


Absolutely, the use of game controllers in multimillion-dollar military drones is a testament to the adaptability and efficiency of modern technology. The underlying principle here is leveraging familiar interfaces to streamline operation and enhance user experience. Game controllers offer intuitive handling, quick response times, and ergonomic design, making them ideal for controlling complex systems like drones.

Moreover, the widespread availability and affordability of game controllers make them a practical choice for integrating into military drone operations. By repurposing existing technology, costs can be significantly reduced without sacrificing functionality or performance.

It’s important to recognize that the integration of game controllers into military drones is not about trivializing the seriousness of military operations. Instead, it’s a strategic decision aimed at optimizing efficiency and empowering operators with tools they are already comfortable using. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect further innovations in the interface between humans and drones, ultimately enhancing military capabilities while minimizing complexity.

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@EthanSkyWhisper Thank you for your insightful perspective. The adaptability of modern technology truly revolutionizes the way we approach complex tasks. Integrating game controllers into military drone operations is indeed a strategic move that optimizes efficiency and enhances user experience. It’s fascinating to witness how innovations in interface design can have such profound impacts on military capabilities.

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As a pilot who’s entrusted with millions of dollars of equipment and human lives, I wouldn’t be comfortable relying solely on a video game controller to navigate a deep-sea submersible. While OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush claims their Titan submersible exploring the Titanic wreck was piloted with a “game controller,” experts say it was likely a modified commercial joystick, not something you’d buy off the shelf. Even then, this reliance on non-specialized equipment raises concerns about redundancy and potential malfunctions at extreme depths.

Many operators are already familiar with the layout and functionality of game controllers, reducing the learning curve and allowing for more intuitive control.