Release mechanism for payload on Phantom 4?

Is there a method to create an inexpensive, non-electronic payload delivery system for a Phantom 4? I don’t have access to a 3D printer or wire coat hangers. Please advise if you have a solution. I simply want to airdrop vodka to my friends.

hallo sister take this in consideration,Installing a payload release mechanism can influence your drone’s weight and flight performance. Verify the weight limits for your Phantom 4 model and ensure the additional weight does not compromise safe operation.

Unless you wish to connect your drone to a very lengthy connection, you will require electronics. These goods are widely available online at different price points. Google “air drop” and “skyhook” using Phantom 4. They are either turned on by the indicator lights or have their own radio. (On your remote, you can set them to the C1 or C2 button.)

You must be aware of how risky it is. A beer bottle can feel like a baseball bat without falling very far. Think about the effects on human flesh of Phantom’s 9.5" propeller spinning at 7,000 RPM. Furthermore take into account that it performs this action multiple times in less than 0.5 seconds. When taken out of the air, phantoms lose control and topple over. (unless you firmly hold it)

hi buddy, attach to your drone’s remote to, enable you to trigger the release with a button. Some models also include extra features, such as multiple release methods or activation through the drone’s LED lights.