Sky Rider X-31 Shockwave

I bought a Sky Rider X-31 Shockwave at a closeout store and I am experiencing a couple of strange issues,

First, the drone has way more drift than I have seen in video reviews. It randomly drifts in different directions, and while I can adjust it with the pitch, roll, and yaw buttons, it just starts drifting in another direction.

Second, the camera feed is upside down. I have to place my phone upside down in the holder, making all the buttons upside down too, or else everyone I film appears to be standing on their heads. I also have to fix the footage using video editing software.

Am I doing something wrong, or was this drone at the closeout store because it is from a defective production run? :thinking:

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The Sky Rider X-31 Shockwave is a great quadcopter drone with a built-in WiFi camera. Based on my research, it’s easy to fly as long as there is little to no wind, but you do need to learn how to properly hover at a low altitude to set up the trims and keep it stable. The drone is capable of performing 360-degree flips and tricks, allowing you to capture exciting aerial footage with the onboard camera. Overall, the X-31 Shockwave seems to be a solid and fun drone option for both beginners and more experienced pilots looking to get into aerial photography and videography.

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hallo enthusiasts.the Sky Rider X-31 Shockwave is a quadcopter drone equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi camera, making it an excellent option for beginner to intermediate drone enthusiasts.

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It’s so sad to learn about the problems with your Sky Rider drone, particularly the high drift and reversed video stream. You may have gotten a faulty item, which could account for the closeout store’s markdown.

Robust drones ought to hover steadily without drifting too much. Frequently altering pitch, roll, and yaw to counteract drift indicates a problem with the flight controller or sensors. Drones should produce a natural, right-side-up video; the upside-down camera feed is particularly peculiar.

The reason this item ended up at the closeout store was probably because of ongoing technical problems. For a replacement or refund, get in touch with the store or manufacturer. These simple issues should not arise with drones at that price range.