What are some drones equipped with obstacle avoidance technology?

Hey, has anyone heard of any drones out there that come with collision avoidance features?

And, just curious, are there any drones that handle well in dense forest areas?


My Air 2S is equipped with cameras on all sides to help avoid obstacles – front, rear, up, and down. I can even choose whether it should stop or navigate around obstacles.

However, living in the Texas panhandle, trees aren’t exactly a concern for me. My main obstacles are usually just power lines, and the cameras don’t always catch those.

But overall, they do a pretty decent job!

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Thank you for those insights Waff!

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If you’re relying solely on collision avoidance to steer, chances are you won’t have a smooth landing. It’s just not reliable enough yet. Obstacle avoidance is there to bail you out and dodge things you might have missed. What you’re really after is autopilot, but unfortunately, it’s not widely available.

DJI does make drones with top-notch obstacle avoidance, but even the smartest tech won’t make up for not keeping an eye out. Just always be aware of your surroundings and make sure nothing’s lurking to trip you up mid-flight.

Best defense?

Staying alert and proactive.

It would be best if you considered buying the DJI Mini 4 Pro. It should cost between $749 and $1149. I think it’s what you should be looking for since the drone can take videos in extreme conditions for example in winds that have a speed of up to 80mph. Also, it is secure against strong environmental interference which means that the drone can change and adjust its position and switch to a different shooting direction to follow its subject