What are the alternatives with the impending DJI ban?

I won’t deceive myself with thoughts like my rep wouldn’t do that or any other nonsense to calm myself into ignorance.

With the DJI ban approaching, what are some alternative brands that offer similar features and performance?

I still want to fly, and it’s frustrating that the US is so wary of China that they feel the need to ban great products just because they are made elsewhere. I need to know my options.

I have started exploring alternative FPV drones to build my own, but I’ll really miss the high quality camera, ease of use, and long lasting performance of my DJI Air 3.

I’d suggest going for Made in America™ drones, even though they’re pricier than those with Chinese parts from AliExpress, they’re worth it.

Ah, classic irony right there! Can’t make this stuff up!

Looking for an alternative to DJI drones? Check out Skydio! This American company, based in California, builds some of the top drones on the market. They even design, assemble, and support their products right here in the US, according to their website.