What can I do if my drone is restricted by DJI Fly Safe zones?

How can I unlock a restricted zone on DJI Fly Safe? I’ve been hired to shoot footage inside a large warehouse, but it’s located in a red restricted zone. Despite being indoors and completely safe, I can’t even take off due to the restriction. It’s frustrating dealing with blanket solutions like this.

I’ve tried contacting the authorities for permission in the past, and they just directed me to submit a waiver on the FAA website. But my previous requests have always been cancelled after a few days, which is discouraging.

Any advice or help on what I might be doing wrong here would be greatly appreciated.


Have you considered contacting DJI directly? They might have some workarounds for specific situations like filming indoors.


Afaik can help you out. Just submit your request early and they’ll help you out.

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If you want to fly your DJI Mini Pro 4 inside your property, you might not need permission since it’s your own place. But if it’s in a downtown area, it’s good to check if there are rules about flying drones indoors. It’s better to be safe and know the rules.