What drone would be suitable for someone new to flying?

Hey everyone, I’m on the hunt for a budget-friendly drone. I’m not looking to splurge until I get the hang of flying.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your input!


Since you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, I’d suggest checking out this list of cheap drones. Most of them range from $120 to $500. As for the best beginner drone, I’d recommend the DJI Mini 2/3.

It strikes a good balance between features, performance, and price, making it ideal for newcomers. The Mini 2/3 is lightweight, easy to fly, and has a solid camera for capturing high-quality shots and videos. With a reliable battery life and a range of up to 10 kilometers, you’ll have plenty of room to practice and explore.

Plus, it comes with handy intelligent flight modes to help you nail those aerial shots. Overall, the DJI Mini 2 is a fantastic entry-level drone that’ll give you a great intro to aerial photography and videography. Prices for DJI usually range from $450 to $500.

Hope this helps!


DJI’s a solid choice, but there are some other options out there too. I stumbled upon a list of affordable drones that might suit your budget. Take a look at this list I found, where most are priced between $120 and $500.


It’s a bit of a toss-up. Some folks swear by the DJI Mini 2 or Mini 3, and they’re top-notch drones… But here’s the thing: if you’re not totally sold on drones or don’t think you’ll use them to the fullest, it might not be worth the investment. Personally, I started with the DJI Mini SE. It’s a solid choice for beginners, easy to learn on, and since it’s budget-friendly, it’s not a huge loss if you decide it’s not for you. Sure, the Mini 2 or Mini 3 are superior drones, but sometimes we don’t need all the bells and whistles if we’re not going to make the most of them.


This would be an excellent pick for your debut into droning! And the best part? If you decide to level up later on, selling it won’t be a hassle. Sure, there might be cheaper options out there, but with the Mini 2, you’re getting reliability. It’s not the type to suddenly veer off course or nosedive out of the blue. Actually, it’s pretty smart – if you start to panic, just let go of the controls and it’ll hold its position steady. Lose sight of it? Hit the RTH button and it’ll glide back and land almost right where it took off, all on its own.

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I second the Mini! Great choice Flippa.