What is the difference between DJI mini 2 vs mini 2 SE drones?

Hey there, can anyone explain why is the 2SE drone much cheaper?
Thank you.

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The 2SE drone is cheaper because it typically has fewer advanced features, simpler construction, and may use less expensive materials compared to higher-end models. This helps keep costs down while still offering basic functionality for hobbyists or beginners.

There are a couple of key feature differences between the two models.

The original Mini 2 offers 4K video recording capability, while the Mini 2 SE is capped at 2.7K resolution.

Additionally, the Mini 2 may have a slightly better transmission system for controlling the drone.

The disparity in cost across drones such as the 2SE model could perhaps be attributed to differences in features, construction quality, and brand recognition. Cheaper drones frequently make trade-offs in terms of durability, flying time, or camera quality. Examine your requirements and financial constraints to ascertain whether the 2SE’s features meet your needs and intended purpose.