Whats the deal with super cheap, highly rated drones that you can find no information about?

There are a lot of drones on amazon that are like 50-100$, with 4.8+ rating, and hundreds of reviews saying they work great.

But they’ll be brands and models that bring up literally 0 search results, like “Velcase s101”, or “TMYES EC110”. I can’t find any info on them.

I’d like to get a cheap, beginner drone as a gift. Most drones considered cheap and beginner friendly as recommended on this sub are 2-400$ though, i cant find anyone recommending these super cheap (but suspiciously well rated?) ones.

Are these drones garbage from china with astroturfed reviews or something?

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Some sellers use fake reviews to inflate the ratings of their products. They may employ bots or pay for positive reviews to create an illusion of high quality.

I understand your concern. I also looked at those cheap drones on Amazon with high ratings. They seem tempting, but the brands like “Velcase s101” or “TMYES EC110” don’t show up anywhere else, which is suspicious.

I once bought a cheap drone with great reviews, but it broke within a week. It was a waste of money. These cheap drones often have fake reviews and don’t work well.

It’s better to spend a bit more on a drone from a known brand. Drones that cost $200-$400 are usually better quality and more reliable. It’s worth it to avoid frustration and disappointment.