What's the warning about purchasing the Exo drone?

Hey guys, just wanted to share my experience with the Exo x7 drone in case any of you were considering it. I did my homework, checked out multiple sites, including this subreddit, and couldn’t find any negative reviews. Their whole pitch is ‘same technology as DJI, but 25% of the price.’ Well, let me tell you, that’s total nonsense.

The videos and photos they showcase in their marketing materials are nothing like what I’m getting from my drone. They’re barely passable, and if you zoom in even a bit, it’s super pixelated. They claim it’s 4K video, but it honestly looks worse than a cheap Android’s camera. Turns out, it’s just a rebranded Beast drone with a 150% markup.

So, please, take my advice and steer clear of this drone. I’m sharing this post because I wish someone had given me the heads up before I dropped $310 on it.

Do yourself a favor and save up a bit more to get a DJI Mini instead.

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I did a lot of research before buying, but found nothing negative. Their marketing claims are misleading.

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Hey…Before purchasing a drone, ensure you understand and comply with local regulations regarding drone use, including registration requirements, flight restrictions, and privacy laws.

Hi Flippa… Thanks for sharing your experience with the Exo x7 drone. It’s always helpful to hear firsthand accounts, especially when it comes to tech purchases where marketing can often be misleading. Your insights could save others from making the same mistake.

It sounds like you did thorough research, so it’s disappointing to hear that the quality didn’t match the reviews and the company’s claims. It’s not uncommon for rebranded products to come with inflated prices without delivering on their promises. Your comparison to DJI products is particularly useful since DJI is known for their quality and reliability in the drone market.

If you still have the drone and are within the return period, you might want to consider reaching out to the company for a refund or exchange. Alternatively, documenting your issues with photos and videos and posting them in reviews or forums can help other potential buyers make informed decisions.

Hopefully, your next drone experience will be much better!