When comparing the DJI Air 3 with the Mavic Pro Platinum, how do their sizes compare for ease of travel?

I have a 2018 Mavic Pro Platinum and am hesitant to switch to a larger drone. I recently purchased a Mini 4 Pro but am considering swapping it for the Air 3 due to concerns about wind resistance.

According to specifications, the Air 3 appears larger than the 2018 Mavic Pro, which surprises me. I’m curious to see real-life photos and hear about its portability for travel.

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It sounds like you’re navigating the drone options carefully. The Mavic Air 2 indeed offers great specs, but its size and portability can be a concern compared to the Mini 4 Pro. When choosing between them, consider real-life photos and user experiences to gauge portability for travel. If wind resistance is a significant factor for you, reviews and tests might provide insights into how each drone handles various conditions.

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The Air 3 is quite convenient to travel with. Obviously, minis are easier, but I recently travelled home to Alaska for Christmas and had no issues.

I carried it on and checked in my regular luggage; I have the Air 3 package, which includes a storage bag that easily fits into my carry-on.