Which DJI drone is the least noisy?

Hey guys, I’m about to get my first drone. I was also thinking about getting some special propeller blades that are supposed to be quieter. Do they actually make a difference? Thanks.

Hey there! Congrats on getting your first drone! Special propeller blades designed to be quieter can make a difference, especially if you are flying in noise-sensitive areas or want to minimize disturbance. These blades are typically designed to reduce the aerodynamic noise produced during flight, resulting in a quieter operation compared to standard propellers. However, the difference in noise levels may vary depending on the specific drone model and the environment you’re flying in. It’s a good idea to check reviews or get recommendations from other drone enthusiasts to see if these quieter propellers are worth it for your needs.

the DJI Mini 3 Pro is generally the quietest drone.

Quieter propeller blades can actually make a difference. They reduce noise and can make your flying experience more enjoyable, especially in quiet areas. I’ve found that brands like Master Airscrew offer quieter blades that fit popular drones like DJI. Definitely worth trying out!

The DJI Mavic Mini is a very quiet drone. It makes 71 dB of noise when flying 3 feet away, which is quieter than other drones in the same price range. Its camera isn’t the best, but it still takes good videos and photos. If you want an even quieter drone, the DJI Mini 2 makes about 64 dB of noise.