Which is better: Remote Pilot 101 or Drone Pilot Flight School?

Hey guys, which one would you recommend: Remote Pilot 101 or Drone Pilot Flight School? I signed up for both a while back to get my 107 license. Are these still solid choices to pass the test in 2023?


I used Drone Pilot Ground School, which I purchased several years ago. When I had to renew my certification recently, they had updated their course materials.

The latest updates to watch out for include regulations on operations over people and the different drone categories involved. There are also new guidelines on night operations and the specific challenges you’ll encounter when flying at night, as well as requirements related to remote ID.

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I passed my 107 this morning after taking it. I believe that MZeroA, which I utilised, is equivalent to Remote Pilot 101. I would not suggest them following the course and exam. There was a lot of material on the test that was not well or at all covered in the course. Though generally sparse, the information appeared to be current. Pilot Institute is what I would choose if I had to do it over.