Why do so many people seem to hate drones?

Why do lots of people dislike drones? I want to know why drones are unpopular with many people. Can you explain it in easy terms?

People dislike drones for the following reasons:

  1. Privacy is the main reason people don’t like them.

Nobody wants these things flying around their home

  1. They think they are being “ spied” on by law enforcement, the government, or nosey neighbors and thieves looking to see what they have.

@Claire As drones increasingly populate the skies, they present significant regulatory challenges, particularly in safely and effectively managing airspace, especially around airports.

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Also, you could have added that they are noisy. Drones can be quite loud, especially near homes, disrupting the quiet of the area.

The increased deployment of drones has raised concerns among some about their carbon impact and ability to damage wildlife.